23 August 2014

Subterranean splendour

White Rock Baths provided the citizens of Hastings and St Leonards with sea water swimming and private baths at the end of the 19th century; in the 1930s they were rejuvenated. With war and the postwar holiday slump business fell off and they were closed, but in the 1970s they were converted to an ice rink and a roller rink. Since 1997 they have been closed and left to moulder.

Photographer Brian Ryboult was granted access, and though his photographs - on show at Hastings Museum till 14 September - we can revisit this forgotten place.

Mosaics in what we think must have been the cold plunge pool

Skate hire storage
Once they were the largest covered swimming pool in Europe,
with luxurious facilities
Historical photos, and some of the sadder sights, are here.

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