23 August 2014

Preparing for Notting Hill Carnival

Is Notting Hill Carnival world famous? have you heard of it? It's the largest street festival in Europe and has been going since 1964. Music, food, parades, costumes, drink, crowds, traffic disruption - it's party party party, especially on the Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday. By 5pm on Saturday, preparations were well underway, largely consisting of property damage limitation (consider the amount of garbage from food and drink, for example) and crowd control measures. I usually keep well away (we're at least a mile away but can hear the music in Kensal Rise, and parking spaces are snapped up here and even further away from the main action).

So here's what I saw from the bus, travelling south to north.
Painted boarding in the posh bits - Notting Hill Kitchen

... and "Happy Carnival" wishes from Paul Smith

Some residents make sure they're away for the duration

Immediately the boards gather graffiti of varying standards

The lull before the storm

Fences and movable barriers are also in evidence

No "dental care" this weekend!

Already looking busier than usual, Ladbroke Grove station will be closed

Graffiti artists go to town

Police cones everywhere ... including side streets - no parking!!
The weather report isn't particularly good, but that's hardly likely to stop the crowds. Happy Carnival!

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