05 February 2015

A day without internet

...is a day of frustration! Yesterday the "new internet" was installed, fibreoptic, fast and of course wireless. Lots of furniture had to be moved, revealing the need to clean seldom-revealed areas of floor and, because full drawers are heavy and best removed before the furniture is moved, providing the opportunity to sort their contents.
But those domestic delights were to come. First the engineer spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get the wireless in a state that my computer would receive it. In the end we needed to use an ethernet cable; not ideal.

But "for that money it should work" said my son - and spent an inordinate amount of time on the internet (via his phone, which had no problem connecting, as was the case for my phone and ipad, and his laptop) trying to figure out why it wasn't working for my laptop. This seems to be the problem that even the techy forums don't discuss ........... because there seems to be no answer.

Now a stretch of cable connects this computer to the net. At least the furniture is back in place, hidden areas of floor are squeaky-clean, and lots of paper has gone into recycling.
Just one drawer left to sort. Note the blue cable!
Even before that saga started, some clangy noises on the street at 8am signalled that the road repair team had arrived to fill the pothole that makes the house quiver and shake. Or rather, the admirably-frequent buses, travelling at speed late at night and hitting the pothole, do that. Kudos to Islington Council, who responded the very next day to my email about the situation!

Patch upon patch upon patch

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