24 February 2015

Tuesday is drawing day, wherever you are

Last Tuesday I was enjoying Edinburgh - and aiming to fill a new little sketchbook -
I realised, on the way to the train station, that my all-purpose black notebook was still lying on the ironing board, a silly place to leave something important - who checks their ironing board before leaving for a holiday? Fortunately there was a Paperchase at the station, with a selection of unlined notebooks - despite the many pages, it came at a good price (£3.50). The brown paper wasrather seductive....

After trying out a few different media on the first few pages, I found myself using the soluble graphite for the rest of the book. And developed the aim of filling the entire thing ... which meant I had to "draw like the wind" as we moved around various museums. Coffee shops gave more leisure, but how many coffee cups do you want to draw?
Hmm, always room for improvement... handles are tricky!

Looking back through the hasty pages, a few of my favourites - sometimes because of the ambience and experience and object, rather than the outcome -
Wall of hats at Roseleaf pub
Wonderful deer skeleton (from behind) at National Museum 
At a drawing exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery
Looking south from the flat, with Edinburgh Castle at centre top
That view, for "real"
Waiting for the train to leave Waverley Station
Of course there wasn't always time to draw, or you simply lost the energy to even write a note, so I have a camera-full of images and their labels ... to look at once, and then leave to clutter up the computer??

Still digesting these intense experiences. It will be a nice change of pace to sit quietly and contemplate the object and draw it slowly (there's no hurry to fill the large sketchbook!).


Heather James said...

Love your sketches.

reensstitcher said...

Brilliant. After last week's sketchbook challenge set up by my sister I am going to try and send her the link to this post. This is just what we were trying to do.