01 February 2015

1600 chairs

Or maybe only 1550. The place: Istanbul. The artist: Doris Salcedo. Her theme: Art as repair.

" In 2002, Salcedo placed 280 chairs at the Palace of Justice in Bogot√° "to pay homage to those killed here in a failed guerrilla coup seventeen years earlier." In 2003, she filled the Istanbul Biennial space between two buildings with 1,550 chairs "evoking the masses of faceless migrants who underpin our globalised economy."

"Salcedo's work provokes many questions after a first look, but she does provide answers to the mystery. The approach she takes to portraying these messages are unique and bold although she is using everyday objects like chairs."

Image via pinterest, text via mymodernmet.

1 comment:

Kathleen Loomis said...

I'd be afraid to walk down that sidewalk.

What a great installation!!