31 January 2015

Spot the difference

This is the eastern section of the "New Exhibitions" brochure, listing lots of galleries in London, that comes out bimonthly. At the top - Jan/Feb; below, the out of date one, Nov/Dec. So much easier to read the gallery names on the blue, but the street names are too pale. The real difference, invisible in the photo, is the addition of a few galleries - the prestigious White Cube is there at last - and the deletion of quite a few names, presumably because they've closed.

Just noticed there's a website - www.newexhibitions.com, which says:

"New Exhibitions of Contemporary Art is the UK’s most widely used and trusted art resource.

"Galleries are subject to selection. The New Exhibitions bi-monthly printed guide is thoroughly proofed and edited, and the website continuously updated to ensure accurate and timely information. Over 25,000 copies per issue are distributed through hundreds of art venues and by posted subscription."

If only the format wasn't so unwieldy - unfolded, it's the size of a broadsheet newspaper, and the gallery you want is always unreadable except by complete unfolding.

But that's a small moan for a compact gallery-guide. It has exhibitions outside London too.

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