07 January 2015

Old paper plus new paper

Now that the new paper was stitched on, it can be seen to curve -
I think this is mainly due to the wool (bottom two rows, and 2/3 of the way up) - perhaps because it's wool that's already been knitted, unravelled, reused, and thus is extra kinky (wool fibres are made up of little scales, which is why it felts) -
On the left, coarse wool; other types have smoother scales (via)
But let's not get diverted. On the other side, the stitching is plain, which is nice when there's text under it, but boring otherwise (as a sermon might be?) -
I still haven't found a "reason" to stitch into sermons - so far, this is driven by the effect of stitch on paper. But for it to make sense to me, the stitch has to link up with what is printed on the paper.

Meanwhile I'm excited to make some paper curls with curly stitches. Or tubes...

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