31 January 2015

Venerable brushes

Found in the paintbrush drawer - an unused waterbrush, hurrah (the water isn't flowing properly in my current one; why?) - and not just one old toothbrush, but one after another after another, saved serially because they were sure to be useful ... but they aren't; I've never made a single mark with any of them, bristles or handle. 

Before giving them the toss I had to take a photo of the effect of sun through the clear handles (as you do) and this led to some toothbrush venery ...
A chaos of toothbrushes

An assortment of toothbrushes

A regiment of toothbrushes

A domino-effect of toothbrushes

A confrontation of toothbrushes

An indifference of toothbrushes

A conspiracy of toothbrushes

An ostracism of toothbrushes

A greeting of toothbrushes

A stratigraphy of toothbrushes

A disillusion of toothbrushes

An aerial view of toothbrushes

An ostrich position of toothbrushes


Kim in ND said...

thanks for the chuckle

irene macwilliam said...

How fantastic, art again from unwanted stuff.
How about keeping them for your next show along with photos of above with text, ask people to arrange and give you an appropriate title... ongoing project.

Sandy said...

This does look like an art project as Irene says.
But something tells me you are putting off something more important! LOL

Deborah C. Stearns said...

What fun! I had no idea toothbrushes could be so evocative.

Anonymous said...

Don't toss them out... I use them with paint sticks. You draw on a torn bit of masking tape on a piece of paper or cloth. Then with a toothbrush you scrape off the paint stick onto the paper (or cloth). Lovely soft effect. Move the tape and use another color. Then get excited.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh Margaret - this is TOO funny...and brilliant!