25 January 2015

"Please do not touch the quilts"

The "do not touch, please" sign is all too often ignored at quilt shows, and it can be an unpleasant duty to remind people (though there are ways, and ways, to do this...).

Human nature being what it is, seeing the do-not-touch sign is likely to make people want to touch!

Here are some attempts at a solution to this dilemma.
"You may be stitched in the ditch"
"Unauthorized touching causes chocolate to taste like brussel sprouts"
"Unauthorized touching cuases adult children to return to your home forever"
"You may be cut into half square triangles"
"You may be stacked and whacked"
Displayed in Utah (via)
Nice little (or larger) quilted signs -
California (via)

From North Carolina (via)

At a show in Canberra (via)

Made by members of a quilt guild in Richmond (VA?) (via)
 I'm less than impressed by this sign, in a shop rather than a show -
 Ah, the irony of this quilt by Elizabeth Hartmann -
Note the reminder!

Other aspects of quilt-minding are considered in "White Gloves at the Ready!" on Ragged Cloth Cafe.


Anonymous said...

Great collection of signs!

Julia K Walton said...

Very funny! I love the 'touchees will be tasered' one :)

Julia K Walton said...
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