05 January 2015

More from 2009

The plan, going through old photos, was to purge at least one file of the unwanted images. The plan has not been carried out, but I'm delighted to rediscover some of the things that interested me five years ago.
Jagged lightning-design African baskets, and headrests, in a shop window

Photos through rainy windscreens - Abbas Kiarostami's "Rain" series

Building - un-building (a ship?) on the left

Smartening up the capital of Rwanda:  "Hiding the ugly facts" is the Guardian's headline -
"Behind the facades lie stories of forced displacement"
(a bit like London nowadays, "indigenous" people no longer able to afford to live in newly gentrified areas)
Exhibition by Charlotte Hodes at Marlborough Gallery

By Su Blackwell

Goodnight Moon...

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