16 January 2015

Drawing in three east end galleries

First stop, Standpoint, where these light boxes revealed text through the scratched-out areas -
My drawing shows some of the text; dates were in neon orange -
Idit Nathan's show, Footnotes Playing Dead, invites you to interact with the some of complexities of conflict, which I suppose we sort of did.... I liked the use made of the building's old lift -

At Charlie Smith, "Young Gods", a curator's choice of art graduates. 
Russell Hill, Line Drawing, 2014; plug socket, jigsaw; dimensions variable

Looking upward at Gabrielle Dini's Rhizome, 2014; ceramic; 1x1x0.9cm

part of Joshua Raffell's Big Bell, 2013; mixed media, 230x80x80cm

Next, to the Royal School of Drawing show again, and this time I got quite a different impression of the work, spending time looking at things I'd hardly glanced at last week. 
Oscar Arnold Derozario 
Gabrielle Lockwood Estrin
Today by Gabrielle Lockwood Estrin
Over coffee - and after a useful comparison of favourite drawing materials - 
we each described a drawing for the other person, and spent 10 minutes drawing from the description. My description was of a bridge with shallow, long arches, a large building at the other end, another bridge visible through one arch, dark clouds with the sun breaking through, and lots of waves on the river -

Winter Sun by Benjamin Andreas
Sue described as "a man in a cap sitting on a stool with square legs drawing a life model with bent knees and her arms crossed, and ink that's bled into the background" -

Here's the actual picture, by Tilly Armstrong -
The drawing that most pleased me was this "back of the envelope" one of the huge sofa in the Royal Drawing School, which is covered in various red-striped fabrics
Also noted, under the case that held sketchbooks, this little scenario -

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