23 January 2015

Back to City Lit for some ceramics

The course is called Surface Decoration, but I'm hoping to continue with the porcelain slip-dipping project, using pleated, steam-set fabrics. First, though, a bit of playing with shards of relief-patterned glass and coloured slips -
Those were made in the first class and left covered with plastic. What next...

During the week I made some paper structures, thinking of dipping. Some are paper from my book of sermons, others are punched, most are sewn in some way, including with  twisted, hence bobbly, wool -
Week 2 - the hexagon tiles have been scraped back so the patterning show. They've been sent to be biscuit fired.
These hexagon tiles were scraped while the slip was still a bit wet. They are "in progress" -
Some shapes were dipped, with equivocal results, and await firing. "It's a learning curve..." - some were dipped twice; will that flake into layers, or does the flaking happen because the paper isn't covered properly?
A closeup of the one with the twisty, knobbly wool - I don't hold out much hope of it coming out of the kiln intact, but we'll see -
Robert suggests a wire armature to help keep the shapes. I'm thinking about it. And about how the porcelain puddles...

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