21 January 2015

What, no scissors?

Years ago I drew these scissors in the ironwork gallery at the V&A. The image turned up recently on the back of a paper used for printing out a recipe.

I seem to remember that there was a case with various scissors and similar implements, and looked at all the cases, hoping to find "my" scissors - but they were nowhere to be found. As their record reveals, they are now in storage.

In the shop, though, you can buy little pairs of scissors -

and a scarf stitched with scissors, right next to which was a bowlful of these "Apparel Tags", perfect for the ueber-organised wardrobe -
Keep a pencil handy to write:
   Last worn
   Maintenance _Wash _Iron
   Last dry clean
   Best paired with [three lines for this]
   _Stylish but safe  _Perfection

The last line made me smile - I used to organise my clothes into "work" and "weekend", the latter being a further step down from the relaxed dress code (or, lack of dress code) in the office.

1 comment:

Stitchinscience said...

wow.who has time to use those tags? Can I suggest an alternative set of headings?

How many times worn to the same place?
Maintenance - remove obvious marks with damp cloth and keep fingers crossed
Last dry clean - pegged to line in a stiff breeze in January
Best paired with - whatever is not wrinkled or dirty
_Stylish but safe _ Perfection - makes me feel good..... always!