08 July 2015

Art I like - Markku Salo

According to The Culture Trip, glass artist Markku Salo is one of Finland's 10 best designers. His piece, "Journey to Troy" in the V&A is delightful. Here's some more of his work (beautifully photographed; the images are purloined from his website).

"Honey Arms" 1991 uses mesh, as in "Journey to Troy"
More mesh with "Net Bag" 1991
"Sailor's Dreams" 1986
"Crown Jewels" 2005

"Kolossi" 1990
Glass and stone - "It Winds" 2003

"Overload" 1996 (Salo has a series of glass and metal dogs)

Among Salo's design work are these sheet-metal animals...

... and these cheerful lights, 1986

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