15 July 2015

Window shopping, WC1

Opposite the British Museum is the Contemporary Ceramics Centre, which currently (till 18 July) has an exhibition by Monika Debus -
"The painting brings to mind Chinese and Japanese calligraphy"

"Three dimensioalised abstract paintings ... soft in shape"

"A painterly openness and freedom that stops just in time ... they carry just enough making and mark making"
The shop has exciting work by a range of ceramic artists -
A twiggy bowl by Walter Keeler; right, Ostinelli & Priest

Top, Annabel Faraday; below, Sarah Dunstan

Top, Kyra Cane; middle, Kate Scott; bottom, Carolyn Genders
Round the corner on Bury Place is the London Review Bookshop (and Cake Shop); I dared not go in, but it currently has tempting London-themed books in the window. Titles include Mindful London; Walks of Art; Vanished City: London's Lost Neighbourhood; and Freedom Pass London. The tube map in the background has stations renamed with names of galleries and museums near them -
Next door, Blade Rubber has supplies for stamping and other paper arts, and makes stamps to order -
 Next door to Blade Rubber, Enitharmon Books always has lovely editions in the window -
 Past Truckles Yard (which now boasts a shoe shop concentrating on small sizes) is Russell Chambers, where Bertrand Russell, philosopher and campaigner for peace, lived from 1911 to 1916 (in flat 34) -
Across the street - unnoticed till now, though I've been walking along that street since 1983 - next to the bay windows of Museum Chambers, is "Erhardt - 1884", a rather stark building -

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Heather Dubreuil said...

Your description of Bury Place brings a flood of delicious memories. It has been a favourite spot for me while visiting London in years past. I do hope I have a chance to experience it again, perhaps next summer.