29 September 2015

Drawing Tuesday - British Museum

We were in the Islamic Gallery. Here's a collection of objects that caught our attention, starting with my "black slabs" and their wonderful letter shapes -

Glassware in a cabinet - 
Ceramics -
 More glassware -
 Large, symmetrical objects -
 Helmets, their detail bleached out by strong overhead lighting -
 And the sketchbook work -
Jo's colourful collection ...
... and her delightful "glass pot"

Mags' approaches to glassware ...
... and in colour

Cathy B's candlesticks

Cathy M's loosely-textured pottery jar

My black stone carving - two hours spent, and the drawing not finished,
but I did love doing it

Sue's glass collection ...
... and script ...
... and helmet
Useful item of the week - plastic envelope to carry pencil crayons in a way that the colours can easily be seen -

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