27 September 2015

How lucky ... and thankful ...

My little pink purse fell out of my backpack yesterday - and I didn't notice. Didn't need it all afternoon, so it was a bit of a shock to open the computer after I got home and see among the emails this subject line: Found your purse - that was my first inkling that it was lost!

Heartfelt thanks to Emily, who took it to Lost Property at Euston station. (She was able to email me because the purse contained some business cards.) I am so very grateful to Emily for taking the time to hand it in at the station and to let me know.

And thanks to the attendant at Left Luggage, which is where Lost Property is at Euston, who,  on seeing my dismay when her colleague told me that Lost Property was open Monday to Friday only, decided to go find the little pink purse for me nonetheless.

As for letting the purse fall out of the bag - that is ridiculous behaviour and must not be allowed to continue. I have pared down the contents of the backpack, and will be making sure all the zips are closed at all times.

The point of this little story is that it's easy to overlook things.

And that there are everyday heroes - who make a difference.

As they say ... "pay it forward".


irene macwilliam said...

It is so lovely to experience the good deeds that people do, the person who handed it in and the attendant who bent the rules. A heartwarming story. Good you did not have the consternation of finding you had lost it.

Sandy said...

Oh! So glad it was found and you could get it quickly!
Can you stitch a hook on a ribbon loop in your backpack and a matching loop on the purse for safety's sake in the future? just unhook to take out 'on purpose'. and if you are like me, it would also save digging around in the backpack for the purse when you need it.

Charlton Stitcher said...

Oh the power of the internet ... and such a heart-warming tale of helpful people going just that little bit further than they had to!