26 September 2015

Packing up

Having got my newest ceramics home, I had to unpack them to audition them for a combination that will fit in a box frame. Then they have to be carefully put away again. I use 1.5 litre water bottles and bubble wrap for storage, though shredded paper is good too.

But how do you know what's muffled up in there? Next task is to print out a thumbnail pic of each pot and tape it to its container. I'll rearrange the contents so that similar ones are together. Measure them before repacking.

It's not just making the work that's the work, is it, it's the looking after the work that makes more work!

Meanwhile here are the first candidates for the box frame -


M Dow said...

They look really interesting, Margaret. Do post a photo of them when finally framed too.

Olga Norris said...

Looking elegantly scrummy.