13 August 2017

Another wonderful day of garden-making

The plants waited patiently in the back garden -
 Just after 11, full of croissants and coffee, we were ready to continue planting -
The bags, emptied of compost and topsoil, are used for rubble and for pea gravel - rubble goes to the dump eventually, and the pea gravel might get used next to the house, for better drainage.

Once the other tree (lilacs as topiary - who knew!) was in, Gemma was roped in to plant the window boxes - we ended up with six -
 The morning sun turned to shade, and the shade later gave way to sun again, and after some hours of sifting soil I started with the actual planting. Removed from pots and sunk into the ground, the plants were not so tall....
Lavender, astilbe, Miscanthus sinensis 'Red Chief', hydrangea paniculata, japanese anenome,
between those lillipop lilacs that make me smile
 Only a few plants are left lingering in the back garden -
 I took some time off to go to the cinema, a 1-minute walk away - the film was Howard's End, a 1992 Merchant/Ivory film for which Emma Thompson won an Oscar as Best Actress. I've not read the book (published in 1910), despite being an E.M. Forster fan, but might be tempted to.
Screen 4, Crouch End Picturehouse, on a aunny Sunday afternoon
Back at the flat, the garden was (ignore the bags!) looking good, and the windowboxes were in place.  Gemma and I kept working till the street lights came on -
The soil-sifting-and-reconstitution has almost reached the fence now. It's full of so much gravel here - to be replaced with "compost" from those bags.

It's a very happy-making thing, is making a garden. I shall be quite sad when this is done, but it will give a chance to pay some attention to my own little patch of ground, in which self-seeded nasturtiums are taking over.

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patty a. said...

All the work is showing! The front garden is looking beautiful!