22 August 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Horniman Museum

The heavens smiled and some of us spent the morning in the garden -

 I was intrigued by the bees on the solidago (golden rod) and on the nearby rudbekia -
 with this result, "from life", looking and looking -
 Sue untangled the relation between a yarn "intervention" and a huge plant -
 Jo found alpacas, or were they llamas -
 Carol's patient pumpkins -
 Najlaa was in the museum, finding seaweed in the galleries -
 and patterns on pots from the Pani display (till 26 November)
Mags too was drawing "things that live under the sea" -
 Judith turned from flowers to the Bengal tiger (on display till 17 May 2019)-
Snap! city views by Jo and Judith -

Extracurricular activities

Among Carol's many drawings done on holiday is this view of Brixham -
 And Mags, along with winning the Fine Art Quilt Masters at Festival of Quilts, had been to an eco-dyeing workshop

 Sue showed us how a section of a photograph can be abstracted in various ways; this was done in a course at City Lit -

A grisly note - I was surprised and rather horrified by the dogs' heads in this display in the "evolution" section of the museum's natural history gallery. The museum was opened in 1901 and these displays date back to a long time ago -
To counteract that, a nice bit of geometry! -

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