11 February 2020

Drawing Tuesday - Natural History Museum

Because I knew I'd be missing the session, I did some work at home beforehand.

First, crumpling a brown bag into an "instant sculpture" of a fantasy creature - a relative of a chicken, perhaps?

(The second attempt, the reverse side, was less interesting - not enough contrast!) I went on to copying the green-eyed tiger from the "Animals in Art" book (by Jessica Rawson, 1977)  that came to hand,  and adding the eyes from some other more or less realistic animals in the book -
Tiger by a torrent, painted by Kishi Ganku (1756-1838);
hanging scroll, 169 x 114 cm

Other contributions -
Janet B splashes out with colour!

Sue's preserved fish

Carol's fluorites

Judith's collection of feet

Joyce's whale skeleton, seen from above

Janet K - Guy the Gorilla

The homework was to draw fire. Some of us are still trying, or thinking about it, and some of us have done it -

At the moment all participants are nameless, to encourage the laggards (including me). Here's a starting point ...

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