25 February 2020

Drawing Tuesday - V&A glass gallery

Some red glass from the gallery -

 I settled down with this view -
 ... and after a lot of looking, and resorting to a bit of colour, ended up with this. Adding the brown piece would have made for a better composition -

Sue did grander things -
Mags said she "went for quality rather than quality" but surely she wasn't serious! -
 Judith found shapes -
 ... and also made a more complex drawing, which she wasn't satisfied with...

Helen wondered whether this (communist-era) Czech glass was made for trade shows etc to compete with foreign wares -
 Jo's many pages included this cat from a chinese scroll -
 Joyce wanted to channel Chihuly - maybe not the rotunda chandelier this time -
 Carol found unusual blue glass, and an ornate glass -
 Meanwhile, in the V&A's Dundee branch, Janet B found a pleasant chair -

Extracurricular activities -
Judith's overlapping transparent shapes, based on last week's work,
 done on her ipad in Procreate

Mags has been doing daily drawing and making books with woven spines

Joyce used a tray cloth for a stitch sampler 

Last week Carol went to the Wallace Collection and
put together an interesting work

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