09 November 2006

Last year about this time

... I was flying from LA to Vancouver and took this pic of Mt St Helens.


Joyce said...

That's a wonderful picture. We drove fairly close to Mt St Helens a few months ago but didn't make the side trip to see it, which I regret now.

The Idaho Beauty said...

And you heard it was rumbling again this year, didn't you? Sent up quite a plume and spewed a little lava too I think. I was living downwind of it when it originally blew. A 5 or so hour drive away yet we still heard the booms of the explosions. Then the ash cloud came through but far enough north that no ash fell on us. Still, day turned to night and even as an intelligent, non-superstitious 20th century adult, I felt fear and could understand primitive man's reaction to natural events ever so much better.