07 November 2006

Sand animals

Selling at £2 each or £3 for two. Indonesian fabric, firmly sewn and stuffed with sand. Someone has done so much work, obviously for so little money. Charming creatures - but an ethical dilemma.


His Office, My Studio said...

Very Cute sand animals. I agree it is a dilemma.

We hand crafter know how much it takes to make our product and pricing is always hard to do. I hate when I find a craft that I love and want to purchase but the price is so low. I want to pay with a bigger bill and ask them to keep the change but this may offend them so I walk away.

margaret said...

Thanks for that comment, Debbie. Perhaps the way to salve one's conscience is to donate an equal amount to an organization that supports craftspeople, or some other aid charity. We are so rich in comparison to most of the world's population.

Izabela said...

But not buying it is even worse. I buy, and tell the shop owner that it is worth more.