03 November 2006

Last year at this time

Melbourne, the Cochrane Collaboration conference, where I got to share my knowledge of editing. The conference reception was held in the National Gallery of Victoria, which has an amazing stained glass ceiling --Here's the view from the hotel, the Yarra river flowing through town, and beautiful sunny spring days --
But not all days were sunny --Here's that lovely river again, with the rain clouds clearing and the sunset starting.And again, from the Rialto building, 55 floors up (is that the Dandenongs in the distance?) -
A word or two about sport. It was Melbourne Cup time, with a parade and a chance to see previous winners close up - and there was also the delight of seeing race-goers in their finery as they had breakfast in town before going out to the racecourse.
Another sport is the race up the staircase of the Rialto building - part of an international circuit of races up the staircases of tall buildings. I think of that every time I walk up the four flights to the office.

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