01 November 2008


Here's what happens when you don't proofread carefully. Somehow (and I know exactly how!) the date of next year's Spring Regional Day came out as 21 March 2008. We've ordered 5000 of these fliers, so very now and then I get out the tippex and the pen and put on some music and fix a few hundred dozen more.

If you're in London on 21 March 2009, do come along to hear speakers on Indonesian batik and Mongolian quilts, and join in with all those other quilterly things that go on at such get-togethers -- show and tell, chat, tombola, traders, chatting, raffle, challenge, refreshments, more chat - a jolly time.

Details are on the Region 1 website.

1 comment:

Margeeth said...

Oh no, this is terrible.
It reminds me of a thing that happened at work one day. We printed a lot of invitations to an event with the managers (who is lucky his head is solidly stuck to his neck) home postal code on it and discovered this when they were already sent.