28 November 2008

Two sculptors in ceramic

The complex surfaces of Philip Eglin's work recall 19th century Staffordshire figurines. As well as Chinese export porcelain, English folk ceramics, and the language of symbols used on contemporary packaging, he's also inspired by medieval wood carvings - this site presents his work alongside the original sculptures, from a 2001 exhibition at the V&A. The figure above was published in a 1996 Art Quarterly magazine. (Isn't it great, what you suddenly find in old magazines?)

From a 2006 issue of Art Quarterly, work by Claire Curneen -

Her "work with the figure is grounded in the exploration of the human condition, focusing on aspects of the religious and the ceremonial. With semi-autobiographical references, the figure serves as a vessel for the physical and spiritual being" says this website. She works in Cardiff.

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