28 November 2008

Tapestry - Banners of Persuasion

In early December this show, Demons, Yarns & Tales, will be in Miami; it was showing in London at a venue (near King's Cross) that until seven years ago was used as a dairy - not for milking cows but for dispatching the bottled milk on those funny electric milk vans that are now becoming rare in London.

In the distance, "Vote Alan Measles for God" by Grayson Perry; nearer, "After Migrant Fruit Thugs" by Fred Tomaselli.
Shazia Sikander's "Pathology of Suspension" and inthe distance, Gavin Turk's "Mappa del Mundo", global packaging and labels.
A closeup of Grayson Perry's tapestry - which is needlepoint, not woven. And much if not most is petit point - lots & lots of stitches!
In Gary Hume's "Georgie and Orchids" the greenery was in a heavier thread that stood out from the background.And even further out from the surface, collage elements in Ghada Amer & Reza Farkhondeh's "The Bugs and the Lovers" -
There's lots more information about the 14 artists and works on the exhibition's website. The artists who designed the tapestries worked in various media; one commentator was "overwhelmed by [the finished tapestries'] fidelity to the original artwork or, where mimicry was impossible, by their inspired interpretation of the source material. This process of translation requires enormous skill. From the original artwork, a full-scale weaver’s graph has to be produced containing an outline drawing of the design, annotated with precise colour references for the [anonymous] weavers to follow."
Footnote: "The inspiration for the project came from Christopher and Suzanne Sharp; they felt it was time to broaden their remit from rug design and chose tapestry because of its links with painting – because both canvases and tapestries hang on the wall and because, throughout the long history of the medium, artists have played a crucial role in making designs for tapestries."

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Awesome photos - stunning work. I LOVE the birds.