14 August 2009

Escapist literature

While involved with family matters, I haven't been doing much towards the summer homework for the art course (it seems like another world) - but I've been thinking about it a lot!

One strand to the "imagined interiors" theme is the fantasy we weave about the unknown inhabitants of houses that are somehow important to us. This book feeds those fantasies in many ways. It shows not just the outsides, but also the insides - without the inhabitants, and nicely cleaned up for the photographer - we're presented with a sort of blank canvas, an ideal state.

This "guest cabin" is probably my favourite - because of its setting, in woods at the edge of prairie land - the leaves a curtain for the open sky.
I like the grey stone and grey wood - but was deeply disappointed to see so much "orange" wood inside.
Here's another fabulous setting for those weekend getaways -
The book includes plans showing the layout of these houses. I love house plans - my father built several houses for his family, so we had lots of house plans, and house-plan magazines, around the place, and I used as a teenager to design "dream homes". Being here in my dad's final house, and seeing "dream books" like this, knits all this together for me.

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Unknown said...

I could live in one of those cabins far from anyone :) Enjoy the rest of your holiday.