26 August 2009

FOQ favourites - Yoshiko Jinzenji

Yoshiko Jinzenji exhibited her bamboo-dyed fabrics at FOQ several years ago, and that was spectacular (dyeing fabrics white? what an idea!). This year she showed quilts by some of her students, using the range of fabrics she has designed.
The quilts have a traditional structure, but the fabrics (and close, parallel quilting) make them look very modern indeed.
I liked the edgy use of the selvedge -
This one, Hieroglyph, is by Yoshiko herself - it has a sheer layer with gold print (or foiling) over the fabric -
Her latest book, Quilt Creation, which shows these quilts, sold out quickly. It doesn't seem to be available online.


patty a. said...

I love Yoshiko's quilts. I have her other two books and I constently refer to them all the time. I didn't know she had another book out. I would love to have one - too bad they did sell out. Thanks for posting the pics of her latest pieces - they are fab!

Featheronawire Sally Bramald said...

I adored her work, so simple and so very complex.

Barbara said...

I would like to purchase some fabrics by Yoshiko Jinzenji, could you tell me where I could locate some. I have been online most of the day trying to find them, but have had no luck. Thank you.