03 August 2009

Even faster narrow binding

A while back I posted how to do a narrow binding with mitred corners. After using this method on (quite) a few Little Gems, I've found something that makes it faster and easier.

At the corner you stop 1/4" (or the width of your presser foot) short of the edge, and then either reverse along the stitching line, or turn the fabric 90 degrees and sew off the edge.

Well, if you turn the fabric as if you're going to continue down the next side, but instead you reverse off the edge, you can make your mitre and be ready to sew without turning the fabric again!

Reverse off the fabric -Make the mitre, laying the raw edge against the edge of your quilt and laying the folded edge against the top edge (already sewn) -
Then start at the top edge and sew down along the binding strip -
I find that it's secure and makes a crisp mitre, without any stitches coming loose.

And there's no need to trim off that bit of thread - it gets lost in the seam.

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