27 August 2009

FOQ favourites - Hanging Together

I've always admired Sandra Grusd's work (plus we're in one of the same quilt groups) so it was great to see it in the Hanging Together exhibition. This piece was the result of making a few journal quilts for Contemporary Quilt's 2009 challenge - Sandra said that she was unable to stop making them. And she used fabric from Bob Adams' discharge workshop that we both attended a couple of years ago -These long pieces are made by, from left to right - Jennie Lewis, Leslie Morgan, Inger Milburn, Julie Senington, Sandra Grusd, and Ingrid Press -
and here's a delectable piece by the other member of the group, C June Barnes - this is called Transitions, and it's two-sided - cool colours on one side
and hot colours on the other -
Somewhat gorgeous!

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