17 August 2010

Day out in Ely

Almost the first thing we saw was this brood of Muscovy ducks going for a stroll - heading away from the water - A quaint crooked cottage on a back street is being left to moulder -
Elsewhere the housing is better maintained -
and some of it dates back to the 14th century -
The Old Fire Engine House had a very enjoyable exhibition of woodcuts by Andy English and a lifetime's work by Richard Sell -
A visit to the Cromwell house gave us a chance to try on Civil War helmets, and ended with a very informative video on the draining of the fens (they flooded in winter, apart from places like the Isle of Ely). In the kitchen, a huge fireplace and food from the 17th century - many eels were caught locally -
Of course the great attraction in Ely is the cathedral, begun by William the Conqueror (and closed for 10 years by local resident and England "protector" Oliver Cromwell) -
Norman arches everywhere, in glorious patterning -Most of the stained glass is Victorian, though this composite window seems to have collected up the older bits -You can make a brass rubbing -
Several of these huge stoves try to heat the enormous building when the icy winds from Siberia blow over the fens -
As embroidered church kneelers and cushions go, this is terrific -
Of course we had to get an ice cream here -
and while walking along eating it came across the town's new bead shop -
After a little sit beside the river, it was time to go home.

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Julie said...

Wow! That's some bead shop!