23 August 2010

FOQ workshop, day 2

Now that we all had a mountain of paper and fabric to collage, Judy showed us two approaches - cutting up the materials beforehand and using the bits, or starting with one bit and building up, selecting other sections to cut and use -One secret of success is to lay them out on a nice big sheet of plain paper - and to keep your work area as clear as possible.

I found it was easy to get tooooo busy -
Less is more -
You may not be able to see, because of the darkness, that this piece (A4 size, laid on A3) has bright pink stitching -
Using the neons really was a challenge. Again, less is more -

This one needs a strip taking off the left side -A bit of stitched velvet became a boat -
Several of the pieces had an urban feel (is it due to the colour grey?) -
The stripey-looking areas are neon paper painted with sludgy colour -
The overall favourite from my day's output - enigmatic, wot? -
Judy distributed her leftover painted papers - I used mine immediately to make quite a large piece -
Next challenge for me is to work a bit smaller - using the prepared papers to make another half dozen of these collages. And to add stitch to these pieces, where it's needed - then put them away for a while and see if any withstand the test of time.

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Penny said...

I love Judy's work and have a tiny quilt of hers I bought a few years ago.