27 September 2011

More from London Art Book Fair

One book book that came home with me - Maryna Tomaszewska's "Polish phrase book with art in the background" is a take-off of standard tourist phrase books - including useful bits of dialogue like "What kind of artist are you?" - "It's hard to say". See videos of dramatised scenes at www.phrasebook.tempsdimages.eu 
In a talk on developments in digital publishing, a close analysis of text (it took me back to the library school days of learning how to make KWIC and KWOC indexes) -
Table and chair, pen and paper, text and time - "an exploration of handwriting in various forms: books, spaces, performances and workshops. It offers you an experience in response to the fast pace of contemporary culture" -
Possibly the fair's youngest book artist -
Cut-out delights by Andrew Malone, including tiny books of postage stamps (I'm now kicking myself for not buying one!) -
Also should have bought these, by David R Faithfull - "depicts the story of 'Christ', depicted through 'match' imagery" - on the left, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden -
Respite - in the caf, some serious reading is going on -
Wish list -

The mock-up and finished book of a story based on "The Hardy Tree" in Old St Pancras churchyard (planted by Thomas Hardy - before he started writing novels) -
And finally, a conjuction of meteorites -  Cornelia Parker used a piece of meteorite to burn "near misses" on maps, and Andrew has a meteorite on his ring -

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Rayna said...

What a lovely book fair!

There is an ice cream recipe in Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams that sounds exactly like the flavor you mention. I am tempted to try it.