06 November 2013

Blog stats

On the various pages of statistics that Blogger provides, I found a list of the keywords search through which people get to the blog. Fascinating - I've been sampling it for the past few weeks. Usually the top term will have several hits and the ones near the end of the list just one or two.

It's interesting to see some of the same terms coming up again and again - notably Cy Twombley, blue, and kintsukuroi -

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I occasionally look at this feature for my blog too and it always puzzles me - seldom does it show things obviously quilt related. The one that always shows near the top is Emily Carr - I did several blog posts on that when June and I were doing a challenge together and she introduced me to Emily. It always makes me wonder how many searchers were disappointed to end up on my blog looking at how Emily Carr influenced the quilt design named in her honor and how many were happy to find me and became regular readers.