28 November 2013

Needle code

It is a truth only lately realised, that a sewer/sewist in possession of a vast array of sewing-machine needles ought easily to be able to distinguish one type and size from another. At last, one manufacturer has sought to address this neglected issue. Clever, isn't it? (Get your own copy here.)

Clever on the part of the manufacturer in another way too: Now, not having needles of each type and size will demonstrate a certain lack of commitment to the art of sewing; a true master of the craft needs to be able to use the "proper" needle at all times!

1 comment:

Connie Rose said...

And they tell you you should change needles every 4 hours or so! Bunk, imo, they just want to sell more needles. I used to change them regularly, but now I only do when they break!