08 November 2013

Strategies and quotas

My goal - call it a quota - is to make 6 sewing kits a week for the next 4 weeks. It was slow starting this week, and sometimes every surface was covered with mismatched fabrics, but by sifting through "the big box of fabrics for sewing kits", they started to take shape. The photo shows the outside and inside of one in progress - it was inspired by neon-green ribbon (the camera doesn't quite capture its shocking luminosity, and the colours are somewhat off...). In case you're thinking that the inside and outside bear no relation to each other, please remember that both sides aren't seen at the same time - opening it up is a transition experience -
What really helped getting faster at finding the component fabrics was an aspect of Good Studio Practice - namely, putting things away at the end of the day. Back into the big box went all the fabrics, in no particular order, except that the groupings of the day might still be together. On getting the fabric out the next day, it seemed that different things that happened to be next to each other sparked off ideas in a different way.

It seemed that the smaller the scrap, the more likely it was to gather other fabrics to it. Often those would be fabrics from the drawers, seen in the rummage for fabrics for the previous sewing kit.

This kind of work becomes cumulative - the more you do it, the easier it gets. Six are ready (the pink binding id now teal, much better), all with beads at the ends of the bindings -
I'm still having ideas about how the design and the making can be improved.

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