11 November 2013

Monday miscellany

Ceramic beer mug design by Friedrich Udler, 1899 (via)
Hard to beet that design??
A couple of signs, one in Eugene, OR (1992), the other in New Zealand (1993) -
From "The End of Print: the graphic design of David Carson", which is said to be "the top selling graphic design book of all time, selling over 200,000 copies, and printed in 5 different languages".

Flipper - an art collector who will buy a work from a gallery and then very soon sell it at auction (from Grayson Perry's first Reith Lecture, in which he also reveals that Nicolas Serota, director of the Tate, has a collection of Cliff Richard memorabilia - he keeps well away from collecting art)

Looking for a new coffee machine - these are some "best buys" from Which?

Perpetual calendar - what goes round comes round
(seen in an interior decorating magazine)

Some objects found among my old photos -
Pages from a book of experiments with graphite, 2012
What is it? No idea, and no idea where I saw it (Jan 2012) 
Ancient lantern and ...??

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Living to work - working to live said...

Love that mug!!

Heard that quote from Mr P on Reith - great!!

Love that mystery photo - cannot help you identify it, but love it all the same!

Phew - great post! If eclectic!