07 September 2014

Display trays

These beautifully-made tulip wood trays are meant for displaying jewellery - my son has a large order from a wholesaler, and he and his helper have been putting them together for what seems like weeks.

The 9-compartment tray needs 9 pieces, 8 mitre cuts, and 8 cuts for the dividers to interlock. Plus staining, sanding, varnishing. The 24-compartment tray needs 13 pieces, 8 mitre cuts, and  30 cuts for the dividers to interlock - plus the staining, painting, varnishing of bottom, outsides, and all those little inside surfaces.

Lots of work, and lots of piles of carefully-cut sticks all over the place...

Helper at work


Anonymous said...

Ooohhh, wouldn't it wonderful to fill all those boxes with interesting things. Are you going to be gifted with a few (even the rejects would be welcome at my house)?

JAQUINTA said...

I was thinking a similiar thing as what yarngoddess has posted....such a structure makes an interesting beginning....