11 September 2014

Poetry Thursday - Poets on Fire (in Glasgow)

Word Factory is a group of Glasgow poets who have prepared an exhibition - and a video of poems and quilts - on the subject of fire, broken down into its elements (spark, fuel, ember, smoke, ash, etc). The quilts are by Wrapped-Up, textile artists from southeast England - Debbie Hammond, Jacquie Hardcastle, Amelia Leigh and Janis Parle.

The result of this collaboration is an exhibition of fire-inspired textiles and poetry at the Covanhill Library, Glasgow, from September 24th to October 10th. This will include two Open Mic dates: September 24th and October 10th between 2-4 pm. Everyone is welcome!

If you're too far away from Glasgow, watch the video to read excerpts from the poems and see the quilts.

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