01 September 2014


Pamela Griffith, First of August, Wattle Day, 1980 (via)
Wattle Day has been celebrated in parts of Australia since 1910; since 1992, National Wattle Day falls on September 1st. (Thanks to Erika for sending along the image, which is held in the National Gallery of Australia.)

Wattles, in this context (there are many kinds of wattles!) refer to the acacia tree. The Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) is the floral emblem of Australia. There are nearly 1000 species of wattle, and it has great resilience. It welcomes in the spring and is one of the first plants to regenerate after fire.

Wattles have featured on several Australian stamps -
1959-60, designed by botanical artist Margaret Stones

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