12 September 2014

Tree cutting


The rope is still on the tree. They'll be back again today, probably to reduce the 100-year-old chestnut to a stump. It's diseased, and the people with the patio have complained about the leaves.

Nothing we can do - it's all happening quickly. When I get back home this evening, it will be done with, and we'll adjust...

Squirrels had a route up the elder, jump onto a branch of the chestnut, go to the trunk and down into the ivy into their nest - they were disconcerted when their route had disappeared (much tail twitching) and one found its way to the shed roof, then an amazing jump to the tree trunk, and going up and up and up ... wonder where they'll go now. 

The view from my table-under-the-window now includes six satellite dishes, the dustbins from the estate flats, lots of parked cars.

But let's be positive. The sky can be interesting, more light will come into the room, and some comings and goings to watch. And there are plenty of trees further along for the squirrels (who once got into the area above the bathroom ceiling and kept busy chewing the electrical wires, not good!).

It makes a big change. I'll miss seeing this green view from my bed -
Death by a thousand cuts
Another day with the whine of the chainsaw, and this result -
 Half a day's work to get this -
At the end of Day 3, it looks like this, all the knobbly bits removed -
Much cleanup of sawdust in gardens has gone one, and the rope is still in place - more cutting to come.

The final outcome -
That's how the light gets in.

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