04 November 2014

A tale of two cities

Early Saturday morning I set off for a meeting in York.
Above, the revealed facade of the revamped King's Cross Station ... turn around and you see St Pancras Station and/or the Great Western Hotel -

Concourse at King's Cross
 Two hours later, sunlight was slanting through York station -
By mid-afternoon, the city was packed with Saturday crowds ... some of them were (still?) in Hallowe'en costumes -
In the quiet area behind York Minster is the Treasurer's House, which Frank Green restored, then gave it to the National Trust in the 1930s with the proviso that everything must be kept exactly as he left it -
 Of course there has to be a photo of York Minster -
 I love a magnificent clock, don't you?
Dusk falls earlier and earlier; time to go home.

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