08 November 2014

Another large sketchbook

It started with a tiny picture by John Piper, cut out from some art magazine or other, years ago -
The "little picture" is a screenprint: "Near Newcastle Emlyn, Cardigan", 1968. The Tate has a copy; you can make an appointment to go see it.

I thought it would be fun to extend the colours and marks beyond its edges, a process that hadn't appealed to me before I started playing with pastels (and with painting). This is how it's evolving - I leave the book open on the work surface and add a little bit whenever I pass it -
Adding blocks of colour - paint, tissue collage, ink

Pastel marks

Cutting through several pages to move the starting image further along in the book

Another page: revelatory cut-outs, more blocks of colour

The third page, very much in progress

The little landscape can be reached by travelling through the pages
The marks I'm making feel somewhat "thoughtless" so I'm researching Piper  and his landscapes, and keeping an eye out for other types of marks -
Work in progess, Finsbury Park tube station

Pia Fries, "o.T."1995, 65 × 100 cm (via)

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