17 November 2014

Not a "nice" subject

Today is World Toilet Day - something we in the Western world are spared having to think about, yet elsewhere to have a proper toilet is a dream. 

"2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation" says the World Toilet Day website. One billion people around the world do not have access to a toilet and must defecate in the open. Even travelling from their home to a public toilet can be dangerous and frightening for women and girls. 
"Inadequate sanitation remains one of the world’s most pressing development issues, often hitting women and girls the hardest." (via)
"My Toilet: global stories from women and girls" is a photo exhibition at the Royal Opera Arcade, Covent Garden, 10-5, till 22 November. "The images and stories show that, although the type of toilet changes from country to country, the impacts show recurring themes. Having a toilet can mean dignity, safety, education, employment, status and more wherever you are in the world. A toilet equals far more than just a toilet."

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KAM said...

great blog post, Margaret. A good friend had traveled to India last spring and when she was just here for a visit we spoke about my issues with the facilities available around the globe...so I passed the post on to her with a synchronicity smile.