30 August 2015

Blast from the past - a table runner

Sometimes the samples made in workshops turn into "something". This strip was printed in a masterclass with Els van Baarle in 2007 at Festival of Quilts. The flowers are shapes made of wire and dipped into wax; the squares were once a foam brush, cut into "teeth" - one dipping gives a lot of wax prints -
 Pink, red, and purple were added, with more waxing between each -
When as much wax as possible was ironed out, I liked the stiffness and didn't bother getting it drycleaned to get the rest of the wax out, but added wadding and backing, then put it under the machine and finished with a few french knots.

1 comment:

The Idaho Beauty said...

Actually makes perfect sense to leave some of the wax in for a table runner. Would be handy for placemats as well.