19 August 2015

Stitched marks

Continuing with mark-making in different materials - this time cloth and stitch, using the twist of the thread to vary the marks it can make. Above, adding thin strips of fabric adds another element; below, thick silk thread and thin cotton, both using two stitches in almost the same place, most of the time.


M Dow said...

Interesting. With your book making and sewing skills, Margaret, I expect this to have been done in a textile sketchbook! I can imagine the Tuesday sketchers doing some drawing with stitch at the museums too. Would be funny to see us sitting at the museums with needles and threads instead of our pencils.

magsramsay said...

Now there's an idea - I'll bring some colour catchers next time. Only trouble is that its' a slower process

Charlton Stitcher said...

Stitching is oh so slow ... But brings its very own marks. I love these ! I've never tried sketching in stitch though I do stitch 'in public' when stewarding exhibitions. There is always great interest.