01 August 2015

Ceramics, day 2 (of 3)

Nothing got fired, but here we have a week's making of "textile tubes" ready to dip, and some that have hardened during the week. And one already dipped, dangling, and dripping -
The diaphanous pale shapes on the right are made of a stiffened gauze, and - I discovered - need to be several layers thick. This one disintegrated at the seam when immersed in the clay, and is being re-sewn -
 New uses for chopsticks - as dipping support contraptions, both over the slip bucket
 and to support still-wet tubes that are sitting on a puddle of slip, thereby making them into vessels -
 If they aren't drying quickly enough, they get a blast with the hair dryer.

A new departure - this linen tube is lined with metallic fabric; I suspect the inside will be black and the outside murky. The lifesavers are dried porcelain that was piped onto fabric and peeled off, in hopes that it will make a white area on the murky background. Possibly the stitches should have been much chunkier, in order to stay white. We'll see...
This lot has been sent for firing - I do hope to see some results at the next (last) class. Then comes the task of packaging up the survivors to take them home.
And these are drying out for next week -
If all goes well ("if"), there will be rather a lot to take home.

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The Inside Stori said...

Oh my gosh.....this looks like so much fun.......now to find a ceramic shop that will allow this kind of experimenting!!! Thank you for opening my eye!!!