14 August 2015

Stitched with paper thread

Japanese paper stitched with paper thread - the front is at the top, the back below. Here you can see the entire object - part of a costume, we are told. 

Paper thread is used to weave shifu, a rather special type of cloth. It's the thread itself I'm excited about - and you can make it yourself, how good is that? Have a look here. (It probably helps to be able to sit on the floor and to have reserves of patience and prior knowledge of spinning.) 

Failing the making of paper thread, it could be that some stitching into handmade paper will have to be done soon. 

Let us waste no time: As the first step(s) in this sudden endeavour, I have unearthed a big box of handmade paper, made in classes and at home about 20 years ago -
A frenzy of paper-making, last century
from which four sheets have been chosen to be gessoed - to get that wonderful whiteness -
It's pink, really...
From which procedure, I have learned to choose thick rather than thinner paper. One of the four sheets, now gessoed (on one side) and drying, has a delicate hole in it ... a happy accident perhaps...

As for what sort of thread to use instead of paper thread - and what sort of stitches: "we'll see".


irene macwilliam said...

I just love your enthusiasm for new and intriguing processes, thoughts, ideas. You are a lesson to all of us. I look forward to further postings re this experiment.

Felicity said...

making shifu thread is huge fun! If you've used a drop spindle, you can make learn how to make shifu - I learned in a workshop with Velma Bolyard.

Linen thread could be a good alternative, perhaps?